Devotion 08/03/14

Our Devotion, “Not Always Busy Bees” comes from Nichole Parks, a professional writing major at Taylor University and freelance writer for WBCL Radio, The Echo, and Church Libraries.
A little known fact of nature is that honey bees sleep. After foraging, then working many hours at cleaning, then feeding the baby bees, taking care of the queen bee, collecting the nectar, packing away the nectar, fanning, repairing the hive, and guarding the hive, bees finally take time to sleep. They sleep in shifts. Some doze inside the hive. Others nap outside on pretty flowers.
Time and time again you’ll hear people mention the “busy bee” or you’ll hear a business executive use the worker bee as an example of diligence. The era we live in glorifies workaholism. If you’re calendar isn’t full and you’re eyes don’t have bags under them, you’re labeled as lazy.
Let me remind you of something: even God rested. When He created the world, he set aside a special day just for rest. Jesus had only thirty-three years of walking the earth, yet he napped in the bottom of boats and he meditated in the mountains!
If you’re weary, if you’re heavy-laden, don’t you think it’s time for a rest? Why not go back to making Sunday your Sabbath?