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“Great Day Presents” Week Of 05/01-05/07/2016

“Great Day” Tuesday 05/03/2016
There are times in life when we think, ‘if I were in-charge of this or that things would be different.’
Maybe.  When given the opportunity to bring about change we often get a reality-check, because there are complications we never imagined.
Fortunately, there is only one God who knows all and controls everything.
As we seek His guidance we’re blessed with wonderful ideas to make this a better world.

A recommended song to accompany this devotion is “If I Ruled The World” by Tony Bennett and Celine Dion.
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Rick Hawks’ Quotes
The Bible is not anti-question, in fact the Bible invites questions. Jesus said to people who had doubts, who had criticisms, who were hostile, “come to Me and I will give you rest”. He meant I’m going to give you rest from your emotional and spiritual uncertainties and your doubts. And the burden of uncertainty. The resurrection rolls away the stone of doubt.”

“We reject information that we know is true when it goes contrary to what we perceive to be our self-interest. When we feel hurt and left-out we are more likely to become aggressive, less likely to have impulse control, more likely to be hurt, more likely to blame other people. People have tremendous pain when they feel rejected.”

 “Jesus knows our doubts. Jesus takes the initiative to seek us out to meet our objections. Your not searching for God does not preclude that God is searching for you.  You may have a divine appointment. I believe every person has a divine appointment with God. He’s so kind He doesn’t make you attend the appointment, but He shows up, and He loves you. The resurrection of Jesus is the answer to our doubts.”

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Devotion 05/01/2016
Our Devotion, “Tides…They are a Changin’” comes from Hope Bolinger of Hudson, Ohio, a professional writing major at Taylor University and  movie reviewer for North Hudson Living.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY “Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves.” Ephesians 4:14a NIV.

I couldn’t breathe. The ocean water burned my nose and throat. I drifted hundreds of feet away from my family. My heels dug into the sand bar only to be swept away in an instant. I flailed my arms helplessly. I grew lightheaded as the current sucked me under. Christians often find themselves battling spiritual rip tides. False truths bash against us like ocean waves attempting to make us drift away from our faith.
Just before I blacked out, my dad’s hand fished me out of the waters. Likewise, we need to be on the lookout for brothers and sisters who are thrashing against the waves. If we find ourselves pulled into the dangerous depths, we need to call God to rescue us. How can we help a brother or sister if we don’t know they’re drowning? The ocean is too great to be fought alone.
PRAYER Dear Heavenly Father, please help me notice and relieve those in a spiritual rip tide. Amen.

Book Review 04/27/2016
This Book Review comes from Andrea Walker a professional writing major at Taylor University and book reviewer for Church Libraries and The Aboite Independent.

SCRIPTURE BY HEART: Devotional Practices for Memorizing God’s Word
By Joshua Choonmin Kang
Intervarsity, 978-0-8308-3536-2, 150 pages, PB, $15.00

Many Christians want to memorize Scripture but don’t know how to do so effectively.
With verses beginning every chapter and practical applications scattered throughout, Scripture by Heart is a good start to becoming more familiar with the Bible. This guide is more than just a list of easy steps; it delves into why and how we should memorize God’s word.
The short chapters lessen the book’s weighty feel, although at a few points the translation from Kang’s native Korean is not perfect. One of the best qualities of the book is how often it emphasizes the importance of Scripture memorization, a practice that is vital but often overlooked today. This book would be a valuable addition to any library.

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