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“Great Day”  Sunday 05/19/2019

When you see a spectacular sunset and think about the sunset of your life, consider this…whatever our life experiences lead us to imagine about heaven, our expectations can’t compare to what God is going to offer us.

Pastor Jack Hayford relates this experience; It was a deeply sobering day when I came to Carl’s room in the hospital knowing there were only a matter of hours to live. As we sat beside his bedside I said ‘Carl, how are you feeling’.

A man of deep faith and commitment to Jesus Christ and a very experienced and highly respected lighting director at CBS, he looked at me, his eyes misted slightly and he said ‘Pastor Jack, you know when you’re in my business it’s the combination of lights, the skill of blending things together in order to create special effects, that’s what the job’s about’. 

He said ‘this morning I woke up, and in the quiet of my heart Jesus spoke to me and He said Carl, how would you like to direct a sunset?’

A recommended song to accompany this devotion is “Beyond The Sunset” by The Cathedrals.

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“Great Day Presents” Week Of 05/19/2019 – 05/252019

The Chapel Quotes

There was a point in time when the Holy Spirit spoke through human beings, and because that inspiration took place those Words came to have authority, they carried Divine weight, the literal Words of God as He was revealing Himself to us. What gives a book its authority is not what humans decide it’s how God spoke through those humans that gives those Words Divine weight.”

”The Church is not the determiner of the canon, but the discoverer of books that have Divine weight. We can have confidence that the Bible that we have, the 39 books of the Old Testament and the 27 books of the New Testament, are truly the Words of God.”

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“Christian Stylings In Ivory” by composer-musician Don Krueger Week of 05/19/2019.

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Devotion 05/19/2019
Our Devotion: “Finding Humility In Love” by Alyssa Farrell of granger, Indiana, a professional writing student at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.

If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NRSV)

For much of my life, I have struggled with finding the healthy kind of humility. I have begun to understand that humility is not founded in self-condemnation, shame, or disgrace. It is formed out of the very essence of God, our loving Father.
He pursues us out of the overflow of His perfect love. The nature of His love is selfless and life-giving at His own expense. He offers to let us enter into a relationship with Him because we were designed to need perfect love.

God comes to us, offering exactly what we need. And part of accepting this is humility. In order to enter into this eternally fulfilling relationship, we have to humbly accept our need for God and let go of our desire to make it on our own.  

So then, humility is not degradation, but part of the beautiful dance between love and surrender—being wrapped in the warm embrace of the Father.

Prayer: God, would You lead me into a place of healthy humility? Help me to surrender control, know my need for You, and rest in Your presence. Thank You that You satisfy my deepest needs. Amen.

Book Review 05/015/2019

This Book Review is by Allyson Hutchison, Professional Writing student at Taylor University, Upland, Indiana

Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I’ve Loved
By Kate Bowler
Random House, PB, 166 pages

After growing up in a Christian household, Kate Bowler became a professor at Duke Divinity. Her specific area of teaching included the prosperity gospel—a creed that sees good fortune as God’s blessing and misfortune as God’s disapproval. When Kate is diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer and told she is terminal, her faith is shaken. Has she done something to warrant this?

Kate takes her readers on a journey through her past and present. She relives past experiences and describes what she has been going through after being diagnosed. Though she doesn’t always tell a cohesive story through her memories and current events, Kate does an amazing job of explaining what it is like to endure many types of physical maladies without knowing why it happened or how to fix it.

Overall, the story is entertaining while being gut-wrenching and tear-jerking. I would suggest reading this with a box of tissues nearby, because you will probably need them.

This book focuses on how illness affects our relationship with Christ. Though we may not always understand why we are experiencing what we are, we must trust God and His decisions for us; He always has the best in mind. 

Suggested audience is ages 15 and up because it focuses on a woman who is married with a child when she is diagnosed, so it may be harder for someone younger to relate to her struggles and anxieties. However, it is possible that a younger reader can glean the message from this story just as well as someone who is older. 

Review used by permission of Evangelical Church Library Association (ECLA)

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