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“Great Day” Friday 04/20/2018

On April 20th, 1999 two students, armed with two shotguns, an assault rifle, a handgun, along with home-made pipe-bombs, entered Columbine High School, took the lives of 13 people, injured many others, then killed themselves.
The official report says they attacked because they felt they were made fun-of by other students.
In Proverbs we’re told; “Train a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not turn from it.”
To end violence, and heal a society in distress, parents must teach their children to love and respect others.
There–in lies hope and comfort.

A recommended song to accompany this devotion is “Friend Of Mine” by Jonathan and Stephen Cohen.
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“Great Day Presents” Week Of 04/15/2018- 04/21/2018

The Chapel Quotes

The risen Christ gives us a pardon for our past. A pardon not only eliminates the penalty of our past misdeeds, it also restores us to the party we have sinned against. The risen Christ gives us a purpose for our present, and the risen Christ gives us a promise for our future.”

“We find meaning in life through our relationship with Christ. Life does not consist of the things that one possesses. Our purpose in Christ is not to live for ourselves, but to live for Him. We were made by God, made for God, and we find our purpose in living for Him. Are you doing what loves God? And are you doing what loves people? When we do that our lives have purpose.”

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“Christian Stylings In Ivory” by composer-musician Don Krueger Week of 04/15/2018.

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Devotion 04/15/2018
Our Devotion: “The Ways of a Fool” by Levi Jacobson of Fort Wayne, Indiana; a 2017 summer professional writing student at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.

“The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice.” Proverbs 12:15

Protection from harm is one benefit of many when accepting God into the heart. He has kept me from serious injury many times, except for one occurrence on a cold February day in 2013 when the Lord gave me a close call to knock some common sense into me. I was with my youth group attending a conference called “Believe” in Cincinnati. Our youth pastors felt we would all become much closer to God after this trip, and for me that certainly proved true. After the first session of the conference there was a break, so my friends and I went outside for some fresh air.  We noticed a tree on a slanted hill, and I decided to explore it. My friends yelled for me to stay away, that the tree looked brittle and aged, but I wanted to show my fearlessness. I climbed up a couple of branches, grabbed unto one that seemed sturdy, swung my feet up so that they became level with my head, and then I heard a snap. The branch broke, and I plummeted to the ground while still horizontal. My head whiplashed against the frozen ground, and I suffered a major concussion. Although I was humiliated and humbled, I had no serious brain damage. From that point on, I began to use my brain the way the Lord designed it to be used—rationally and logically!

PRAYER: Lord, make me see the errors of my poor judgment and be a better man. Amen.

Book Review 04/18/2018
This Book Review is by Carson D. Jacobs, a professional writing major at Taylor University.

Psalms of Asaph
by James N. Watkins
Bold Vision Books, PB, 210 pages

As an experienced author and pastor, James Watkins doesn’t disappoint with his latest book. The basic premise of this book is about coping with loss. More specifically, it’s a book about lost hope, lost dreams, and lost encouragement felt by those who are left to question why a loving God would allow difficult things to happen to them. This book is an exploration of Rev. Watkins’s findings and beliefs on that challenging topic.

The writing itself is fluid and enjoyable. Watkins doesn’t linger on any one subject for too long, and he keeps the text moving. It has a pleasing flow to it—one that promises not to bore readers. He uses examples from the lives and writings of biblical characters, personal testimonies from others, and examples from his own life when discussing hardships. He shows that trials are far from rare in life. Each chapter, which deals with its own problem or question, is broken down further into subsections that show different portions of the question or provide answers to the question. Watkins also supports the text with scriptural references and even promises in the introduction that he hasn’t just cobbled together a bunch of verses from the Bible. Rest assured, he did, in fact, synthesize his own thoughts from the external information provided in the text.

The author covers some highly sensitive topics in this book, and with that comes the understanding that not everyone will always agree with him. Nevertheless, he does a very good job of forming a spiritual basis for his arguments, insights, and facts, and not just biblically-driven analyses. Excerpts from the Bible are plentiful. The book and its author do a wonderful job of delving further into topics that are typically left undiscussed. Overall, it’s a very good resource for those asking the hard questions about a loving God and extreme hardships co-existing in the same world. Watkins uses scripture as the primary backbone of his text. It is overtly Christian and has a strong impact on the topic of loss and God.

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