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“Great Day” Wednesday 01/20/2021

What is going on?
Sometimes it seems our world is out of control.
“The faithful have been swept from the land; not one upright person remains. Both hands are skilled in doing evil; the ruler demands gifts, the judge accepts bribes, the powerful dictate what they desire – they all conspire together. Now is the time of your confusion.” 
Centuries ago the prophet Micah wrote those words, but he goes on to say; “As for me, I watch in hope for the Lord. I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.”
And the apostle Paul offers this encouragement; “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
It’s been said; “Hope is the light in all of us that cannot be extinguished.”

A recommended song to accompany this devotion is “Lead Us Home” by Daena Jay.

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“Great Day Presents” Week of 01/17/2021

The Chapel Quotes

“We find ourselves in so many ways in a spirit of division and strife all around us. Now is the time for us to get together and focus on those things that really should be primary in our lives. In light of all that I going on we are to live our lives in a way ‘worthy of the manner of the calling to which we have been called’. We are called to a  different life with humility, gentleness and patience, bearing with one another in love.”

“The riches of heaven have been lavished upon us when we have a  relationship with Christ. The blessings are enormous. This is important because our world is messed up. We go through so many trials and disappointments, loss and pain. There comes a time when that can become overbearing, and tough to be able to walk through.”

“We have been blessed since eternity past, blessed right now in the present, a guaranteed to be blessed in the future. The Holy Spirit guarantees it. Because we were billions and billions of sins in debt, Jesus loved us so much that He wiped it all away. When you come to be in Christ you are marked as God’s. The Holy Spirit comes and indwells within you.

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“Christian Stylings In Ivory” by composer-musician Don Krueger

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Devotion 01/17/2021
Our Devotion: “Great Worth in God’s Sight” by Sarah N. Finkenbine of Livonia, Michigan. She has been a student of professional writing at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: “Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” 1 Peter 3:4 (NIV)

My mom talks to her sister about how her sister’s husband always buys her things. Although gifts are very nice, she wants her husband to show her love by giving her a card or making her dinner or doing things around the house. He gives her frosting, but she wants cake. Cake represents the substance of a relationship or faith, and the frosting is added as an occasional surprise. We cannot have more frosting than cake, because the cake would be too sugary and, thus, indigestible.  Likewise, as Christians, we need to be more concerned about our inner substance than our outward make-up, clothing, or hairstyles. God looks at our hearts, not our outward decorations.

PRAYER: Lord our God, help us to show your love through our good doings that you have taught us. May we go on with our daily lives knowing we are of great inner value to you, and to our brothers and sisters. Amen.


Book Review 01/20/2021
This Book Review is by Ellie Tiemens from Worth, IL, a Professional Writing student at Taylor University in Upland, IN.

Mythical Me: Finding Freedom from Constant Comparison
By Richella J. Parham
InterVarsity Press, PB, 135 pages

The world seems flooded with reasons to compare ourselves to others. Whether we perceive others’ success, personality, relationship status, or beauty to be more than our own, getting caught up in comparison is a common theme in life.

Richella J. Parham attacks this myth of not measuring up to others through personal stories, practical tips, and challenging questions that prompt the reader to consider who they are in the eyes of God. Chapters attack common myths that we believe, truths about God, ourselves, and others to hold onto, how to move forward from comparison, and how to make peace with past troubles with comparison. Integrated with Bible stories, personal anecdotes, and challenging reflective questions, this book will speak ease into any mind troubled with the anxiety of comparison.

This book is great for emerging teens, young adults, and adults who struggle with comparing themselves with others. Written from a Christian perspective, this book is intended for Christian readers, particularly those who are struggling in how they view themselves through God’s eyes.

This book speaks to a theme that many Christians struggle with, but a theme that many Christians don’t often talk about. Each chapter concludes with questions that encourage readers to think deeply about their relationships with themselves, others, and God. 

Something that I found was missing from this book, however, was a broad look at comparison. Due to her own personal struggles, the author focuses primarily on the comparison of physical appearance. Especially in younger teens and adults, comparison based on talent, success, and relationships is prominent. This book could have placed a more intentional focus on those other common struggles.


Review used by permission of Evangelical Church Library Association (ECLA)

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