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“Great Day” Tuesday 11/13/2018

There are times when this troubled earth wears us down and we become discouraged.
Someone once said; “If you don’t like where you are in life move, you’re not a tree.”
The key is making the right move.
In Psalms we’re instructed; “Seek the Lord and the strength He gives! Seek His presence continually”.
Hopes and dreams are realized when God leads us to our place in the sun!    

A recommended song to accompany this devotion is “A Place In The Sun” by Stevie Wonder.
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“Great Day Presents” Week Of 11/11/2018 – 11/17/2018

The Chapel Quotes

“There are those of us who have walked away, who have gone a great distance from God, and God is calling us back. We spiritually need a restoration and it begins with us turning and looking to Him and walking back to Him, and saying ‘God I need You’.”

“We need to come to our senses and realize that there is a Father ready to welcome us back with open arms. If we’re going to restore this world, restore this community, it begins by allowing God to restore a relationship within us and Him.”

“You have this unique responsibility and opportunity to make a difference where you spend your days throughout the week if you are a follower of Jesus. Although you and I have the same unity of mission to make disciples, you have a special niche. God has strategically placed you to make a difference with people. Making disciples for all of us begins in the family.”

“We’ve got to be careful who we surround ourselves with, because it’s easier to be pulled down than to pull someone up.”

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“Christian Stylings In Ivory” by composer-musician Don Krueger Week of 11/11/2018.

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Devotion 11/11/2018
Our Devotion: “Waiting in the Light” by Hope Bolinger of Hudson, Ohio, a professional writing student at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8 (NIV)

Despite having to complete flips, somersaults, and risky stunts on stage, the most hazardous part of the performance happened backstage.

Thirty of us entered a squashed closet and tripped over several sharp props, including some swords from The Pirates of Penzance. The thick silence tasted like sweat as we all tried to seek refuge in a spot absent of spiky set pieces. Suddenly, blue beams flooded the closet. Our stage manager ignited a light, and the trial with the biting darkness ended. We found a safe haven to play UNO and exchange jubilant bits of chatter. We threw triumphant smirks at the once-hazardous swords. No longer would they trick us into tripping over them.

One of the cast members ventured in front of the light and molded his hands to form shadow puppets on the wall. We watched the delightful show. The shapes transformed from a bat to a spider to a bird to a—

The cast member hissed in pain and withdrew his arm. His hand had drifted too close to the light, and the heat singed his fingers. Even in the seemingly brightest and safest phase of the evening, hazards lurked.

During times of security and joy, I have a tendency to forget the spiritual battle that surrounds me each day. I often neglect caution when I need it most: during periods of ease.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, give me vigilance during times of comfort. Amen.

Book Review 11/07/2018

This Book Review is by  Jessica Dundas, a Professional Writing Major at Taylor University, Upland, Indiana.

Everybody, Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People
By Bob Goff
Nelson Books, PB, 240 pages

Bob Goff, founder of Love Does, and NYT Bestselling Author of a book by the same name, gives us his highly anticipated follow-up, Everybody Always. He shares with us stories from his life and the hard lessons he gained in the process of learning to love everybody, always, just as God does. Whether Bob is skydiving, making friends with a worker at an airport security line, carrying a bucket around for three weeks, or witnessing to a witch doctor in Uganda, his life is full of grand adventures in the process of learning love. His underlining message, as evidenced in the way he conducts his life, is that opportunities to witness for Christ are in abundance so long as the person sharing the Gospel is open, transparent, honest, loving, concerned, and earnest.

The book inspires its readers with a desire to love dangerously, outrageously, totally grandly!  Bob shares how anyone with a heart for the Lord can learn to love everybody, always. The love he shares is generous, meaning he indulges everyone he can with his time and money and influence and education in the most extravagant ways, and he talks a lot about how in the process of helping people they helped him to a greater understanding of himself. Anyone who desires to find a greater meaning in life or who wishes to serve God with greater abandon will find this book to be insightful, entertaining, and challenging.

This book is targeted toward Christians who want to stop worrying about difficult people and learn to simply love others. Everybody, Always teaches a love of God and others with open arms.

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