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“Great Day Presents” Week Of 05/29/2016-06/04/2016

“Great Day” Sunday 05/29/2016
Facing life’s challenges all of us have our ups and downs.
Like Job, nothing happens to us that God does not allow.
Having lost his possessions, his family and his health Job longed to be saved from his misery.
Contemplating his relationship with God, Job say; “If only there were someone to arbitrate between us, someone to lay his hand upon us both, someone to remove God’s rod from me.”
Today we have that someone, his name is Jesus Christ.
A recommended song to accompany this devotion is “Where You Belong” and Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” by The Newsboys.
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Rick Hawks’ Quotes
God speaks to us all the time. His Spirit speaks into our spirit, and on the inside God leads us, God guides us, and we can learn to hear the voice of God.”

“It’s rather revolutionary for us to think prayer is for us to be quiet, and we don’t need to be heard. Prayer is for us to listen so we can hear what God would say.”

“If you’re trying to sense ‘is this my will that I’m trying to impose, is this all my idea, or is this from God’. How do I distinguish is it the voice of God? One way is this; God’s Will never disagrees with God’s Word. So by being in God’s Word we’ll find most of our answers. God doesn’t answer every question, but He gives us everything we need for life in Godliness.”

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Devotion 05/29/2016
Our Devotion, “Ways of Speaking for God” comes from Sarah Gorman of Crystal Lake, Illinois. She is a professional writing major at Taylor University.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Acts 18:9  “One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: ‘Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent’ (NIV).

I’ve never been a fan of public speaking.
Statistically, I’m not alone in this, but while I don’t like giving speeches, I’ve always loved hearing them. By high school, TED talks had become a hobby of mine and I believed public speaking was a wonderful way to communicate with people…it just wasn’t my way of communicating.
As Christians, God calls us not to stay silent when opportunities come for us to speak for Him. Despite this, we often stumble to meet these opportunities from fear of ridicule or labeling.
For Christians who don’t speak their mind naturally, this is even harder, yet I don’t believe God asks us only to speak out loud. Paul was not a great orator in comparison to Apollos, yet his written communication survives to be read by us today. In this same way, great art hangs in museums to speak to the viewers and, with the forward move of technology, more and more outlets for communication non-verbally continue to pop up for our use. With these outlets and many more, we as Christians cannot only cease to be silent, but we can also speak loud and clear in whatever form makes us most comfortable.
Do not think that God limits our ministry by our physical voices alone — even if public speaking is not your forte, your voice can still be heard.
PRAYER: Dear Lord, I pray that you can give us the strength to find our voices in whatever medium that may be and that you will encourage us not to sit in fear or in silence. Amen.

Book Review 05/25/2016
This Book Review comes from G.Connor Salter, a contributing writer for The Echo and Christian Communicator. He is a professional writing major at Taylor University.

When God Stepped In: 51 Encounters that Showed Me God is Real and I Can Trust in Him
By Bill Fisher
LifeRich Publishing, PB, 192 pages

Most people would find losing a spouse in a car crash would cause crippling doubts about God’s goodness. For Bill Fisher, it just made him realize how many times God had miraculously saved his life before. This book is his account of many times in which God protected him, healed him, or intervened in some way to accomplish things beyond Fisher’s wildest imaginations.
Whereas this book is presented as a memoir, it’s structured and reads more like a Christian study book than anything else. Fisher’s stories are fascinating, but he focuses more on explaining what readers can learn from them than on describing each adventure in full dramatic detail. Readers looking for something to read slowly and to analyze will find this book very helpful, whereas those looking for lighter, faster reading will find it difficult to finish.
Each chapter has a brief story of a time when God intervened in Fisher’s life, a prayer thanking God, and a conclusion offering a Bible verse. This structure makes it ideal to read a chapter each day for devotions or personal study.

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