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Another day, for many that means the same old routine, or perhaps we may be jolted by some crisis.
Either way we need to entrust our lives to God.
Speaking through the prophet Isaiah, The Lord offers us this comforting thought; “I have chosen you, so do not fear, for I am with you. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”
It’s up to us to have faith.

A recommended song to accompany this devotion is “I’m Your Angel” by Celine Dion and Barnev Valsaint.

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“Great Day Presents” Week of 01/15/2023

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The Chapel Quotes

Jesus is really a radical. His measures go beyond the perimeters of orthodox religious ideologies. Jesus is the type of person who challenges the traditions and norms and looks to take people to another level. Jesus does not do anything stupid, Jesus is strategic. Everything He does has a purpose.”

“Whenever we start blaming others for our problems, we give that person authority to dictate our destiny. No one has authority over the plan for our destiny, no one has authority over God’s plan for your life, the only one who can hinder that is you. If God is calling you to another level, if God is calling you to advance, whatever it takes don’t go back. Keep advancing, keep moving forward. Keep seeking your deliverance. Keep praying. When God sets us free we have a tendency to get amnesia, we want to claim the victory. Receive and embrace all that the Father has for you today and go all the way with Him.

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“Christian Stylings In Ivory” by composer-musician Don Krueger

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Devotion 01/15/2023
Our Devotion: “Human Hunting” by Todd S. Naevestad, a professional writing major at Taylor University and  book reviewer for Church Libraries and Christian Book Previews.

“The devil is our adversary who walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” 1 Peter 5:8 (NIV)

I stepped into the cool night air, apprehensive. They were out there; I knew I would run across at least one of them. I stepped out of my shoes; it would be easier to run that way. Looking to the left and right, I saw nothing. That wasn’t as reassuring as I had hoped. They could be hiding, waiting. Take a deep breath, then run. I ran as silently as I could, praying I’d stay hidden. Suddenly, I heard footsteps.  I looked back, and he was behind me. Where had he come from? Don’t think, just go!  Oh, no, and unseen tree root tripped me. I closed my eyes, and it was. Tag…I was out.

Outside of youthful games of tag, who can really describe what it is like to be hunted? We read stories about dangerous hunts where one man hunts another, but that’s fiction, right? Spiritual warfare is a real thing. Satan is following us, hunting us. He is waiting for us to slip. We need to rely on God. The only way Satan can get us is if we leave God’s presence. God is our protector. The Psalms often portray God as our shield and fortress. It is only through him that we can be protected and safe from the schemes of the devil.

PRAYER: Lord, keep me safe in your presence. Spread your wings over me and shield me from the devil. Amen.

Book Review 01/18/2023

This Book Review is by Hope Bolinger, a professional writing major at Taylor University.

Sustainable Children’s Ministry: From Last-Minute Scrambling to Long-Term Solutions 
By Mark DeVries and Annette Safstrom 
InterVarsity Press Books, PB, 234 pages

As it turns out, bubble machines can only do so much for a sustainable children’s ministry. With youth leaders becoming worn out and flustered at the endless to-do list tasks—collaborating the lesson with faulty video technology, organizing attendance spreadsheets, working around the schedules of other workers at the church—it becomes easy for every week to feel like mayhem, during which not much gets accomplished. Plus, with the consistent lack of volunteers for this area of ministry, those working with children in churches may lose hope and energy fast.

The authors tackle this problem by providing tangible and practical solutions. From trial and error in their personal experiences, they not only give a berth of relevant examples but also offer resources for any youth ministry, including several appendices ranging from the creation of value statements to establishing clear communication plans with weekly and monthly volunteers. The book deserves a five star rating for its hands-on practicality and playful, absorbing tone. Readers can tell just by the authors’ voices that they’ve worked extensively with parents and children in this area of ministry and have enjoyed doing so. There is much to be learned from them.

As Christians rear the next generation of children who will proclaim the Gospel amongst the nations, children’s ministries must have strong foundations. A child or parent disillusioned with a Sunday school program could withdraw from the church, but a youngster who experiences a sustainable youth ministry might take the next big step of faith.

Review used by permission of Evangelical Church Library Association (ECLA)

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