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“Great Day” Saturday 11/27/2021

Holidays come and holidays go, but life continues.
The need for love and security isn’t seasonal.
It seems easier to be giving and compassionate when we’re filled with the Christmas spirit.
In the hustle of everyday living sometimes it’s easy to overlook what’s really important.
Daily commitment to share God’s blessings and the love of Jesus Christ is the key to fulfillment in life.

 A recommended song to accompany this devotion is “Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day” by Celine Dion.

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“Great Day Presents” Week of 11/21/2021

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 Coventry Baptist Church Quotes 

We have forgotten the true meaning of Thanksgiving, a thankfulness that we have for our God. We ought to live lives that are thankful to Him. There is no better way to end our lives than to be thankful to God. The beginning of thankfulness is a matter of love.  Grateful hearts generate loving hearts. Thankfulness is the fuel for our service to the Lord. The goodness of God stirs us. His goodness brings us to the Lord.”

“Thanksgiving has a way of  changing your life. It has a way of taking you from being self-centered to God-centered. Is your life devoted to God or not devoted to God? When we are no longer thankful it is because we have forgotten what God has done for us. The job that we have, the abilities that we have, the intellect that we have, all of these things have been given to us by God. We have the capacity to do what we do because God has given us that. God provides the path for us that we might live for Him. God didn’t give us a blank check and say ‘do what you want with your life now’,  but rather He saved us to serve.”

“A thankful heart is all the motivation we need to live for Christ. Don’t be thankful for the things you get from this world, be thankful for the promise of that which is yet to come. If you want to have a thankful life you must have a grateful surrender, to be thankful for what God has done and is going to do for you, rather than what’s going on in your life. We are here for a purpose, not to live a life of perfection and abundance, but rather to live a life of thankfulness that we might share with others what God has done for us. Before we were saved we were slaves to this world and to sin, but God has given us a life of freedom. Thankfulness draws us closer to God.

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The Chapel Quotes

No matter who you are and what your temperament is God says that by His Word, and it’s power in our life, and His Spirit we can take the best of our temperament and overcome the darker side of our temperament. God’s Word has a Spiritual power inside us to make us be more like what God wants us to be and less like we’re naturally inclined to be.”

“If you memorize a piece of Scripture and you have that in your head and in your heart it comes alive when you need it most. If you memorize God’s Word He’ll start speaking to you in a clearer more powerful way than He ever has before.”

“Communication does not occur when you have spoken, communication occurs when the other person has heard. We use words differently and our temperaments take things differently and we often have misunderstandings because we don’t know each others language. There’s not one thing right and one thing wrong about a temperament. Every temperament has its strengths and every temperament has its weaknesses.

“If you do life together  you’ll do life better.”

“God has made you to be exactly what God made you to be. God didn’t make you so you could try to be somebody different. We can improve upon our character, we can improve upon our temperament, but that’s who we are. Don’t have any envy of another person’s temperament, God has made you exactly where He needs you to be. Every person has value, every person has worth. Be who God made you to be, use the power of His Word and His Spirit to become the best you can be of whatever He has made you to be.

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“Christian Stylings In Ivory” by composer-musician Don Krueger

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Devotion 11/28/2021
Our Devotion: “Quiet Testimony” by Micah M. Hancock of Morton, Illinois who has studied professional writing at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” John 15:12

You have met these people before. They open the door for you. They invite you for dinner. They pay for lunch even though it is your turn. Everyday, these people live a testimony louder than words. It is their quiet smiles and their small actions that pronounce Christ’s love to the world. Are they famous communicators or great missionaries? No, they are reflections of Christ to the people He came to save. Are you one of them?

Loving others relentlessly does not require changing our schedules or our lifestyles. It only calls for a change in our attitudes. When I decide to treat others as I want to be treated, I take the first steps toward loving them. I choose to be patient with someone, to be kind to someone, to rejoice with someone. On one of Jesus’ last days, He gave his disciples a final commandant: “Love one another.” Our Savior knew that a life of love would be the boldest testimony his disciples could carry.

PRAYER: Lord, let me love in the little things. Give me insight for how to care for others. Amen!

Book Rev
iew 11/24/2021

This Book Review is by Jessica Dundas, a Professional Writing Major at Taylor University, Upland, Indiana.

LOOKING FOR LOVELY: Collecting the Moments that Matter
By Annie F. Downs
B&H Publishing Group, PB, 194 pages

Annie F. Downs shares her experiences in the past years learning to look for what is lovely in life. She introduces us to her life before she started looking for loveliness, and how her life changed during the search, and she ends with a glimpse of who she is now because of it. This is a book about what Downs calls the greatest transformation of her life, and a challenge to her readers to learn from her and begin their own transformations.

This is a wonderful collection of anecdotes about sunrises and concerts and nights in Israel. I found myself wanting to listen to new worship music and paint my nails alongside her. This book was fresh air to me, and I related to the author in every chapter. I felt freed of a weight I hadn’t realized I was carrying as I started to look for lovely things in my own life. She inspired me to search for evidence of God in the everyday events of my life.  The author addresses her story to single Christian women, as she is relating her own life of being one herself.

Review used by permission of Evangelical Church Library Association (ECLA)

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