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“Great Day” Friday 01/21/2022

When God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, the first was “You shall have no other gods before Me”.
So Moses instructed the people of Israel; “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. Fear the Lord your God, serve Him only”.
When questioned centuries later, Jesus upheld that as the greatest commandment.
Today we still need to be reminded to love the Lord our God above all else.

 A recommended song to accompany this devotion is “Lord I Love You” by Carman.
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“Great Day Presents” Week of 01/16/2022

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 Coventry Baptist Church Quotes 

To build back better we need to build back biblically. We need to purpose our heart to build back biblically. God wants you to take His will for your life seriously, God has a purpose for you here. Sometimes we look to huge matters to seek God’s will, when it’s found in the small intricate daily problems of our lives. There are sometimes we go the wrong route, but there’s always a way home. First we must restore our hearts, then we restore the honor of God in our lives. The problem with Christians today is we’re asleep when God is trying to move among His people.”

“Nothing will kill a church or the people of God quicker than disunity. There is no hope without priority and there is no unity without purpose. Something big always happens when God’s people are in unity, in hope and harmony in God’s house. If God is not honored in our lives then we live in disgrace. How can we expect the blessings of God when we choose to live in God’s second-best? If we’re not living for God?  Our alter today is at the foot of the cross.

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The Chapel Quotes

We believe God in the life of Jesus modeled for us what is right and wrong, and the Scriptures give us insight into what’s right and wrong. We want to believe that we have a say in everything and our greatest emotional frustration in life is that we believe it’s all about ‘me’ And when somebody violates that, we don’t know how to handle it. The reality is, it’s all about God and what does He want.”

“God never promised we will be exempted from suffering. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. Wrong seems to be winning many of the battles of our day, but that doesn’t mean God is off His throne. God created a perfect world and we messed it up. God says someday He will reconstruct His perfect world and restore it, but until that day the system is broken. When bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people God knows and He will help us get through. Life is not fair, but God will right the wrongs in His new Kingdom.”

“When we go through the tough times it either makes us better or it makes us bitter. It makes us turn away from God or it makes us turn to God. God will not keep us from the valley, He will get us through the valley. Christ died for us. God loved us so much He said I’d rather die than live without you.” Read Psalm 73.

“Prayer is talking with God. Prayer is to know God and to hear God speak as much as we speak to Him. Start praying by adoring God. Recognize He is God. He is not your servant, He’s not your santa claus, He not your mom, He not there passing out goodies. If we would spend as much time giving thanks as we do requesting, we would solve most of our stress and strain in life.

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“Christian Stylings In Ivory” by composer-musician Don Krueger

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Devotion 01/16/2022
Our Devotion: “Peace of God” by Katelyn S. Irons of Lambertville, Michigan, who has studied professional writing at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

The air was thick with the suffocating aroma of corn dogs and funnel cake. The line surged forward and I was pushed past the ticket booth. My father sat on the sweaty plastic seat and latched the overhead belt. I shook my head, but he held my arm and pulled me inside. The ride started to move, swinging back and forth like a pendulum. I gripped the seat in front of me as we rose higher and higher. Then we swooshed backward in one swift movement. I screamed. My dad laughed and patted my hand. The ride continued to swing back and forth, but the sound of my father’s voice calmed my fears. I felt at peace.

Sometimes it seems that life is hurtling us out of control, but God has a plan. Whether at the peak or in the valley, He is in control and will never let go. Always know that God has your best in mind, and He has His arms around you during the ride.

PRAYER: “Dear, Heavenly Father, help me to listen to your plans. Remind me that you are the one in control, and nothing will ever change that. Give me peace that I may follow you better. In your name, Amen”.

Book Rev
iew 01/19/2022

This Book Review is by Megan Alms, a professional writing major at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.

By Christine Caine 
Zondervan, PB, 207 pages

Christine Caine lived most of her entire life in shame: shame which sprouted from her heritage, her history as an abuse victim, her defiance from strict gender roles, and her constant desire to prove her self-worth. In Unashamed, Caine explores the steps she took in becoming healed with God by her side. Through scriptural references and personal anecdotes, Caine humbly encourages other women to join her on the quest to silencing the voice of shame.

Caine emphasizes that recovery from any struggle is not an overnight process. But though the journey through the wilderness is perilous, the escape from slavery into the sanctuary of the Promised Land is worth the trek. Caine humbly admits to her own continual struggle, yet still encourages women to take heart in the knowledge that God will never abandon them. Using personal illustrations, lessons from the Bible, references to psychological research, and experiences with answered prayers, she reveals a pattern for finding wholeness in a new and righteous way of life.

Whether affected by regret, guilt, unworthiness, or another form of shame, any Christian woman can relate to Caine’s words. Furthermore, those in teaching or counseling or missionary work will be enlightened by this book as to how to minister to such women. This book reminds women that they are daughters of the One True King. God’s faithfulness is a prevalent theme in Unashamed.

Review used by permission of Evangelical Church Library Association (ECLA)

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